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Important When Affiliate Marketing

To be a successful affiliate marketer . . . you need a website. Sure, you can have a Facebook Fanpage, a Blogger blog, or a Squidoo lens, but you NEED a website. The other things are great to support your site, but your actual website should be your main focus.

Why is that? Why can’t you just have the other resources?

Well, it’s down to long term stability. YOU own your website. You DON’T own your Facebook

Fanpage. Facebook can delete it any time they want. Squidoo? The same. Blogger . . . need I go on?

Ok, so your hosting provider can go bust (not very likely, but still . . .), but if you back your site up regularly, or keep a clone using one of the many cloning programs out there, you’re safe from losing everything you’ve created.

Also, a website is SO expandable. You can add page after page of content to attract more visitors, you can organise everything into categories, add videos, images, tables, email subscription forms to build your list and if you use WordPress, all this can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse.


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