Choosing Your Niche

In case you are really new to all this, a ‘niche’ is simply a subject. Health & Fitness, make money online, dog training etc, are all niches. 
Then there are sub-niches. 
Weight loss is a sub-niche of the health & fitness niche, how to get traffic is a sub-niche of making money online and teaching your puppy to sit is a sub-niche of the dog training niche.
Simple, right?
Choosing the correct niche is obviously important as it will determine how successful you are as an affiliate. But don’t lose sleep over it . . . it’s supposed to be fun remember? Just put a little thought and time into it at the beginning and it will save you having to backtrack later. 
People make a big deal about this. However, while it is important, it’s not that difficult to nail. You just need this guide, a little time to think it through and perhaps do a little research online.  

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