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M.M.T With Paid Surveys

Do you know how easy it can be to make money from home? There are so many different options now n days that you can be a self made millionaire already and not even know it. Are you someone who spends hours on your computer day after day just for the heck of it? Well what if i told you that you could be earning some serious cash while you do just that?!

Interested yet? Good.

One of my favorite ways earning money online is through paid surveys. Yep you read correctly, PAID surveys. Companies actually pay you to fill out one of there surveys because they value your feedback. Not only do you get paid to fill out these surveys but a lot of the time they will send you their product for free so you can test it out and eventually keep the product! The best part of this method is that you can fill out as many surveys as you want to daily and just keep earning money over and over and over again.’ve

I’ve personally been highly successful with this method. I pull in over $300 to $500 weekly just with this method alone. Thats just with about 1 hr daily online filling surveys. So if you are someone who spends more than 1 hr online daily then you could be earning some major cash! Below i will list a few great paid survey links to help get you started if you are interested. Oh and by the way it cost nothing to get started! Good Look and Make Money Today.


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Targeting Your Market

Your target market is the group of people you’re trying to sell your product to.

Of course, affiliate products count in this too. You have to convince your
visitors to click on your affiliate links so they go and buy!

You have to be very specific when you define your target market, in order to
make your copywriting most effective. You can’t just say “women, moms or pet
owners” or whatever else it could be, because that is still vague.

 What women?
 Which moms?
 Which pet owners?

When defining your target market, there are many things to consider. We’ve
made a small list below, but it only touches the surface. For each target
market, there are so many different factors that can make up your specific
target market:

 Age
 Income
 Interests
 If it’s a woman, her marital status may come into play
 If it’s a mom, you might want to have an idea about the age of her
children; if she works outside the home, etc.
 If it’s a pet owner, what kind of pet she has, what breed, etc.
 Wants, wishes and desires *
 Problems she needs solved *

*These last two are particularly important because this is what really
motivates people to spend their money and buy products. Yes, they buy to
satisfy their immediate needs, but desire is what drives people to spend their
money readily.

The following are important human motivators that have been identified by
psychologists. They will help you in understanding what motivates your
readers to take action:

 Fear
 Exclusivity
 Guilt
 Greed
 Need for approval
 Convenience
 Pleasure

You can use this information to really understand what motivates your target
market. The more you understand your target market, the easier it will be to
sell to them. You will understand their point-of-view, the problems they have
and how much they’d like a solution.


Building A Facebook Fan Page

First things first – you need to set up your Fan Page. Here’s how to do it…
Step 1: Get a Facebook Account
If you don’t already have an account at, then your first step is visit that link and register.
It’s free – and it just takes a few minutes.
Step 2: Click on “Create a Page”
Next, log into your Facebook account and visit your Facebook homepage. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and look for the link on the right-hand side that says “Create a Page.” (Go ahead and click on it.)
Step 3: Choose Your Page Type
Next, you’ll be faced with six different types of Fan Pages, including those for businesses, products or brands, causes and more. Select the one that fits best.
Step 4: Follow the Prompts
Now you need to follow the prompts by filling in the required information (such as the name of your business, product, cause or organization).
Choose the name of your Fan Page carefully. That’s because the name (with a link) is going to show up in your Fans’ feeds like this:
Example: “Joe Blow likes [name of Fan Page]”
As such, ideally you should choose a name that fits well with that sentence. If you’re creating a “cause” or something else where the name is a little more flexible, then be clever.
For example, consider these two different names:
“Joe Blow likes Jimmy D. Brown” vs. “Joe Blow likes Making Money With Jimmy D. Brown”
Do you see the difference?
The first one just uses my name. But if people aren’t familiar with my name, then they have no reason to click on the link. There’s nothing “viral” about this link showing up in a news feed.
The second example includes my name and a benefit (making money). And that means that this second title is more powerful, because it’s more compelling when it shows up in news feeds. In other words, Joe Blow’s friends are more likely to click on the link and check out the page.

Once you’ve selected your Page title and filled out the other information, read the terms of service, agree to them, and click “Get Started.”
Now you’ll be taken to the main administration area for your Page. Here you’ll be able to upload a photo, edit your setting and more.
Tip: Please note that your photo is very important. Every time you make a post to your Page – or to anyone else’s Wall or Page – your photo (avatar) will be shown alongside your post. Thus you need to choose something that fits in with the Page you’re creating.
If you’re setting up a Page that’s mainly about you, you may decide to simply use your photo. Otherwise, choose a photo that matches the page. For example, if your Page is about poodles, then it makes sense to upload a photo of a poodle.
Once you’ve uploaded the photo, then click on “edit info.” Here you’ll need to enter the “About” information.
Keep in mind that this “About” information is primarily for people who’ve clicked through to your Page, but they’re not really sure if they should “like” it or not. This is where you need to tell them what your Page is about and what benefits they’ll get by becoming a Fan.
Example: “Click the “like” button now and you’ll be automatically entered into this month’s contest, where you can win your choice of five [niche] prices valued at $100 each!”
When you’ve finished, click “save changes.”
Then start working your way through the navigation menu on the left side of your screen (e.g., “Manage Permissions,” “Your Settings,” etc). I’m not going to go through each of these links individually, as they’re self-explanatory. Basically, these different tabs allow you to control how your page will look and who can become a fan.
Tip: While you’re still building your Page, go to “Manage Permissions,” choose the option “Only admins can see this page” and then click “save changes.” That way, you can build your page without anyone else seeing it. When you’re ready to unveil your page, be sure to return to “Manage Permissions” and uncheck that option so that your Page is publicly visible.

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Important When Affiliate Marketing

To be a successful affiliate marketer . . . you need a website. Sure, you can have a Facebook Fanpage, a Blogger blog, or a Squidoo lens, but you NEED a website. The other things are great to support your site, but your actual website should be your main focus.

Why is that? Why can’t you just have the other resources?

Well, it’s down to long term stability. YOU own your website. You DON’T own your Facebook

Fanpage. Facebook can delete it any time they want. Squidoo? The same. Blogger . . . need I go on?

Ok, so your hosting provider can go bust (not very likely, but still . . .), but if you back your site up regularly, or keep a clone using one of the many cloning programs out there, you’re safe from losing everything you’ve created.

Also, a website is SO expandable. You can add page after page of content to attract more visitors, you can organise everything into categories, add videos, images, tables, email subscription forms to build your list and if you use WordPress, all this can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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Choosing Your Niche

In case you are really new to all this, a ‘niche’ is simply a subject. Health & Fitness, make money online, dog training etc, are all niches. 
Then there are sub-niches. 
Weight loss is a sub-niche of the health & fitness niche, how to get traffic is a sub-niche of making money online and teaching your puppy to sit is a sub-niche of the dog training niche.
Simple, right?
Choosing the correct niche is obviously important as it will determine how successful you are as an affiliate. But don’t lose sleep over it . . . it’s supposed to be fun remember? Just put a little thought and time into it at the beginning and it will save you having to backtrack later. 
People make a big deal about this. However, while it is important, it’s not that difficult to nail. You just need this guide, a little time to think it through and perhaps do a little research online.  

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